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  • SharPei puppy love!

    My husband and I adopted this amazing little guy that we named Ares from bff puppies in April 2018.He is a total sweet heart! We and our 3 children absolutely adore him and are so happy we were able to add him to our family after our sweet lab of 16 years had recently passed away leaving us heart broken. Ares has filled our home with happiness once more!! Thank you!!

    The Williams Family

  • Amazing dogs 😂❣️

    I have bought four puppies from BFF 🌞 a GOLDENDOODLE, YORKIEPOM, SHIPOO, and CAVAPOO all of them are up and beyond wonderful 😍 the Goldendoodle is now a service dog and her performance is to perfection 🥰 I would highly recommend BFF for your new BEST FRIEND 😘


  • My American Bulldog

    I saw this little white American Bulldog with this horrible overbite and it was love at first site, I couldnt pick him up for a few days as I was visiting and my hotel wouldnt allow him but I picked him up a few days later, you could tell he didnt feel very well but I figured it was just stress, mind you i believe i paid 2,500 which who cares because I fell in love with him. Making this even more special he was born on my birthday March 3rd. My poor baby has been sick ever since I've spent more time st vets with him then I did enjoying him well hes now dead and he was my best friend. There is NO words to make me feel better but I'm beside myself, the vet recommended we put him to sleep, I cried and begged that they kill me & fix him

    The Norris Family